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Patented Vision Enhancement System
for Health Tech, Outdoor Sports, Automotive & AR Displays

ROI > 10-fold within 7 – 10 years, plus additional 20% LP per annum, free tradeable, no lockup periods

* Please see the note below.

Transhuman Vision Enhancement System

Human Enhancement Technology (H+) boosting your vision day & night

INOPTEC’s unique and outstanding Vision Enhancement System (VES) enables Instant Light Adaptation & Protection | pushing the fundamental limits of natural vision!

Our System combines:

Light Adjustment in real time | the human iris reflex is too slow

Contrast Enhancement | people cannot see against the sun

Dynamic Light Protection | people who are sensitive to light cannot adapt

and thus offers support and improvement of the Quality of Life of drivers, athletes, pilots, machine operators and in particular light-triggered migraine sufferers (see Market Entry Scenario for more information)

INOPTEC’s Flagship Smart Glasses

Innovation | Optics | Technology

INOPTEC has revolutionized high-tech eyewear* so you can keep going, no matter what comes your way.
Never stop with INOPTEC’s Vision Enhancement System!

* Please note that the film animation shows a first working sample in terms of technical feasibility, but not a final product design – as various fashionable product designs (in different materials and colors and slimmer shapes) will be available.

Constant Light Exposure

Regular sunglasses use fixed light absorption, while INOPTEC’s electronic eyewear is capable of adapting and changing light intensity in real-time, instantly going from transparent to extremely dark. This leads to a stable and constant brightness in the human eye, regardless of whether you are looking directly into the sun or in low light conditions.

The image below shows how regular sunglasses adapt to light (on the left) compared to INOPTEC smart glasses (on the right).


Regular Sunglasses

Light at Eye = no constant intensity

INOPTEC Smart Glasses

Light at Eye = constant intensity !

Regular Sunglasses VS INOPTEC Smart Glasses


Did you understand the GIF animation? Can you imagine what “constant light intensity” at the eye really means?

It’s like driving your car with auto cruise control, where you set a fixed speed and this is maintained regardless of the terrain – no matter if you drive uphill or downhill, the speed stays the same (since the intelligent controller and the powerful motor works for you)!

Isn’t this like a medical fixation for the human iris?  –  Yes, the iris stays always wide open, so that the wearer is always pre-adapted for suddenly entering darkness (tunnels, shady areas) and also protected from too much light (migraine trigger level will never be reached).

Can you think of even more applications?

If you already have burning questions regarding our lucrative share class – then please jump directly to our FAQ section below.

Market Entry Scenario

As a startup, we are focusing on one market to start with

– technology for light-triggered migraine sufferers –

with the objective to grow organically.

We are replacing the need to raise € 200 million to address all potential industries with the option of initially opening up only one market with raising just € 2 million. At the same time, the demand from the “migraine as a condition” market is so high that we can automatically grow into all other markets over time. Our plan for the future is to take the company public to meet the needs of existing and future shareholders.

Please take your time to consider our Market Entry Scenario for light-triggered Migraine Sufferers below.

Migraine Fact Sheet

Migraine as a condition affects every 10th person in the world, while migraine chronic forms affect every 20th person, resulting in

5% of worldwide population.

Migraine is NOT curable as it is a genetic, neurological disease.

Painfully disabling ‘migraine attacks’ triggered by light exposure, which affects about

65% of all migraine patients,

can be avoided!

If the attack is triggered by too much light, it automatically gets worse and it becomes a vicious cycle – Thus migraine patients try to protect themselves by using several different tinted sunglasses.

In total

5% x 65% = ca. 3%

of the world population are considered light-sensitive migraine patients!

Investment Advantages based on our Strategy

Product Investment Opportunity

Light-triggered Migraineurs

are in desperate need of automatic light dimming sunglasses and smart protection. The unbearable pain and severe side-effects of taking opioids for decades, such as liver damage, has led to a surge in demand!


as a company is only on urgently needed products, with no other competitors in the market.

INOPTEC’s Advantage

is to develop personal protection equipment (PPE) for which neither clinical studies nor FDA approval are required.

How INOPTEC’s Smart Glasses can suppress light-triggered Migraine Attacks

Migraine is NOT curable, but painful light-triggered attacks can be avoided!

The market size for light-sensitive migraineurs is about 3% of the world population.

Example: If a light-sensitive migraine patient knows their personal trigger level, say 5000 lux, they can set constant illumination at 2000 lux via the mobile app, which gives the user a 3000 lux margin of safety.

You can choose any intensity level, similar to auto cruise control in automatic cars, where you set a fixed speed and this is maintained regardless of the terrain.

Response Function Sunglasses Cheap No EffectsResponse Function Sunglasses INOPTEC Stable

All you need is just One Pair of smart electronic sunglasses!

Ditch the need of multiple eyewear options with INOPTEC

Photosensitive migraine sufferers may need up to 4 different tinted sunglasses, from light tinted to dark tinted, in order to adjust manually to the ambient light.

When changing sunglasses, these people have to close their eyes to protect themselves from exposure to light, which forces them to stop their current activity just to change glasses.

This inconvenient and unsafe daily action can be avoided by using INOPTEC’s Vision Enhancement System Technology.

Say Goodbye to these!

Migraineurs typically wear 4 categories of sunglasses, changed manually with closed eyes!

INOPTEC Technology - 4 Glasses

Say Hello to INOPTEC!

Migraineurs will wear only 1 pair of automatically tinted sunglasses permanently!

Inoptec Glasses Technology

What Our Investors Say



Global Marketing and Innovation Executive is an American corporate brand builder, an optical engineered solutions driver, and an innovative multi-faceted entrepreneur.

“I tried INOPTEC’s AGS enhanced glasses outdoors. They actively controlled the glare while delivering outstanding contrast enhancement. These will make skiing and sailing more fun, and I am sure they will help my light-sensitive friends.”



European Patent Attorney, awarded-winning lawyer and patent strategist.

“According to the EPO’s International Preliminary Report on Patentability, 8 patents have been filed worldwide in 10 countries!
I am impressed by the scope of the extensive patent portfolio, as it will monopolise INOPTEC’s business in the future.”



Renown futurist in Europe, Professor for Foresight.

“INOPTEC’s vision enhancement system will redefine the future of vision, when it comes to extreme light conditions.”

Other Industry Specific Applications

Outdoor Sports and Automotive

With its unique light capabilities, INOPTEC eyewear supports top performance by protecting you during fast movements, since the human iris reaction time, also called pupillary response, is very slow (up to 30 seconds) during dark adaptation (dilation time = iris opening time), for example when driving into a dark tunnel from bright sunlight by car or motorcycle (see the short film).

Currently, 10% of fatal road accidents are caused by visually impaired drivers. INOPTEC’s eyewear system can help prevent accidents and make driving significantly safer and was recently endorsed by the President of the AA in The Times.

In addition, cameras in self-driving cars could also be equipped with our anti-glare system (AGS®), which would be of great benefit, especially in low-lying sun or difficult night driving conditions.

AR Displays or Other Display

INOPTEC Epic Association AR

Check out some of the other leading AR brands we’re delighted to have met at EPIC!

It is important to note that the AGS® function mentioned above is the reason why our technology is referred to as a system and not just electronic eyewear, as INOPTEC can offer special LED lamps that run synchronously with the eyewear to avoid undesirable light (sun or glare from oncoming traffic at night, etc.) can be eliminated, while the desired light is always visible and thus a massive improvement in contrast is achieved.

The ratio between wanted and unwanted light is also known as the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR): the higher the SNR, the better the visibility / contrast.

However, all you need to remember is that any LED light source controlled by the wearer can provide essential light, such as a flashlight, a car headlight, an AR display, or any other display or instrument.

For this reason, AR companies such as Samsung, Facebook / Luxottica etc. are already interested in our US patent, which ensures the readability of AR displays in bright sunlight. This will be very important in the future for any AR display used outdoors (which is why most of the AR demo videos on YouTube were recorded indoors).

Download our short AR pitch for free here

The Numbers

We are about to change the world of vision, without competition, with patent protection, and we intend to sell to a serviceable obtainable market (SOM) where INOPTEC’s smart eyewear will become an integral part of everyday life.



> 40

Invested Top CEOs

> €1M

Money Raised

> €1B

Global Market (SOM) from TAM > 50 bn EUR

Investor Guide

Please download our Investor Guide for free!

And, if you would like to read our full business plan, then please register below, since we cannot offer this plan publicly for confidentiality reasons.


Press Reviews

We have been endorsed by the President of the Automotive Association (AA) in the THE TIMES for inventing a technology that can prevent traffic accidents. More articles under the logos:

Cambridge - Press Release Inoptec
T3 - Press Release Inoptec
The Times - Press Release Inoptec
Cycling - Press Release Inoptec

More than 10x ROI plus 20% LP – in line with UN SDG

Make your investment now with a positive social impact

Aim for a return of investment (ROI) of > 10-fold within 7 to 10 years

Be assured of a 20% Liquidation Preference (LP)

Investor FAQ

We strongly recommend reading our Investor FAQ to get a deeper understanding of why our shares are a low risk momentum stock with a high future potential.

You can also read about how we have attracted the top CEOs in the wearable tech industry with our gamechanging patented smart eyewear.

The return on investment is outlined in an IRR-Table which you can download here: IRR-Table
A robust financial estimation presents a conservative 10:1 ROI ratio in a time period of 7-10 years.
(IRR > 40%)

If you invest 20k EUR you will get back 200k EUR.
However, on top of this you will get an additional liquidation preference of 20% p.a. in rank 1 and more, depending on how and when the exit takes place.

As the owner of a preference share you have the legal right in rank 1 (before the main owner of the ordinary shares can access profits) to secure a return on your investment. The value of which will depend on how long you have been holding the shares, since 20% will automatically accumulate in the balance sheet, until profits are available for distribution.

Why is this important?

The liquidation preference provides a safety net for investors in the unlikely event of a company liquidation, so investors get their money back, before ordinary shareholders (e.g., after 5 years x 20% p.a. = 100% money-back guarantee, if profits are available).

Again, this is just a safety net. Normally the last (3rd) step in the waterfall model of the distribution of the profits in which all shareholders will participate, will be the most important and most lucrative step => see ROI-ratio of 10:1.

Yes. There are no lock-up periods. All preference shares are tradeable at arm’s length, but not publicly as we are not a PLC.
However, we do not recommend trading your shares, as the share price will be much lower than the share price at an exit point (see IRR table), and KCG cannot guarantee to buy back your shares, nor to find a new buyer for you. But you are always free to find a new buyer in your business angel network.

There are approved methods and standards (see IVS for example) for how an expert can evaluate the most likely return on a capital investment.

One method is called benchmarking where you look at similar exits in the past (e.g. VUZIX and RECON and others, sold shares well beyond 100 million. EUR/GBP/USD.)

If a start-up has a valuation of 6M – 10M, but gets sold for 60M – 100M you can clearly see the 10x return on investment.

Since most innovative high-tech startups of this calibre sell for well beyond 100M – and since we could have 3 exit scenarios under the holding company (see next question) we are confident that a higher ROI is possible, but we prefer to be more prudent in our estimation.

We have found out, that most investors tend to invest in the industries which they know best, and in which they are allowed to invest (e.g. health tech funds will only invest into health tech, etc.).

Therefore we have been asked by some investors, if they are allowed to invest in their own subsidiary, and our answer was yes – which has lead to the following company structure:

Download link

No. There is no need to sell shares, since the profit distribution rights are already linked to this preference share class (see publicly available corporate articles; see yellow download link above). In this way, this share class is similar to a bond.

You don’t have to sell your shares at an INOPTEC exit point. There are no drag or tag-along clauses forcing minority shareholders to participate in a subsidiary sale.

Yes, and this is an advantage of investing in a holding company structure. And the upside is 3 potential exits with an average low relative risk and positive cashflow generation.

Under one potential scenerio, an ROI of > 30 is possible, however, we have choosen a more conservative estimate for the sake of prudence.

We have done everything in our power to minimize the corporate tax burden of INOPTEC Group Ireland Ltd., which due to its location in Ireland is in a favourable position for taxation, required to pay corporate tax at a rate of 12.5%, one of the lowest corporate tax percentages in the world (even after the recent corporate tax harmonization towards 15%, which is not applicable in our case).

Furthermore, the taxable profit in Ireland will be reduced by patent licensing fees, within an intra-group intellectual property license where R&D subsidiary fees in Germany lessen the overall tax liability. Hence, liquidity/profits can accumulate under the KCG holding, from which you will get your return on investment.

Thus, we have undertaken a considerable effort to optimize shareholder value, while ensuring that we uphold the highest standards of legal, ethical and sustainable practices to protect the environment and to help those in urgent need of this vision enhancement system.

Still Have Questions?

If you still have any unanswered questions, please send us an email or give us a call. In addition, all of the above information is publicly available under our issued company articles, which is the legally binding document for preference shares.

Existing Shareholders

Furthermore, our existing shareholders act as brand ambassadors, as most are renowned CEOs from the industry! In other words, our existing shareholder list reads largely like the who’s who of the industry. We have CEO/CTOs and partners (as business angels), from or are associated with the following companies:

  • Fleming Family & Partners Capital Management (UK)
  • U2T-Photonics-FINISAR (DE/USA)
  • P3 GROUP (DE)
  • Etc.

Finally, a personal note from the founder & CEO


As a personal note, I would like to add that openness, fairness, modern thinking and transparency are our company philosophy, namely that we do NOT operate with hidden shareholder pages or preferential treatment. Everything we do is transparent, with the aim of ensuring fair and equal rights for every shareholder.

This is also the reason why I am inclined to go public as soon as possible (e.g. AIM Ldn., EURONEXT, NASDAQ, etc.), which is also a realistic alternative to selling 3 subsidiary companies (trade sales) but we will leave all options open for now. Rest assured, I will take care of you as a shareholder in the same way as we look after the quality of life of light-triggered migraine patients and the many other potential beneficiaries of our smart eyewear for perfect vision, day and night.

We are a company that cares deeply about our product, our customers, and our investors.
We will never give up pushing this business forward, no matter what challenges we face.

Yours sincerely,

Ralf G.J. Knoll
MSc., MSc.(UK), Psych.C., FRSA
CEO of KNOLL Captital Group Ltd. and CTO/COO of INOPTEC Ltd.
Innovator of the Year 2019
Advocate of the EU Tech Chamber, Mentor, Physicist, Futurist

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